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On September 27, 2001 Sgt Scott Buchanan passed away at the young age of 47 years. Scott had a passion for the game of hockey playing for the Toronto Toros before joining the Calgary Police Service in 1981 where he participated in the inter-district hockey league as a player and referee. Scott also devoted countless hours to minor hockey as a coach and assistant. Scott you will always be remembered by members of the Calgary Police Service who now play in the Scott Buchanan Memorial Hockey League.


Scott Buchanan Memorial Hockey League facts:


  • The league began in 1979 and was known as the Calgary Police Intra-District Hockey League.


  • Chief Brian Sawyer insisted that the Championship trophy be such that the players on the winning team have their names inscribed on it. Many layers have been added to the trophy over the years and the plaque changed in 2001-02 to honour Scott.


  • In 1979 the original teams were from Districts A, B, D, and E and Traffic (TSS representing Traffic and Support Section) plus the NCOs.


  • Because of the number of Police members participating and the 'recreational' nature of the league, all players were once covered by Worker's Compensation for this 'fitness' program.


  • Originally, helmets and other standard safety equipment weren't required but WCB began to refuse to cover injuries if safety equipment wasn't used. Thus helmets became mandatory - eventually WCB coverage ended and as a result some members discarded cages and visors and continue to do so today.


  • The league expanded over the years to eight, ten, twelve and now sixteen teams.


  • Various community rinks have been utilized - West Hillhurst, Huntington Hills, Lake Bonavista and Brentwood.


  • When the Don Hartman Northeast Sportsplex opened in 1995 they boasted the biggest dressing rooms, twin arenas and the best group price. The City of Calgary refused to match the offer and NESS has been home to the league ever since.


  • Calgary Centennial Arena was added to accommodate teams from the south and to limit travel for players who are on-duty.


  • In 2007 the operating costs for the SBMHL were over $25000.


  • The Calgary Police Association supports the league in various ways including yearly financial donations. This year the CPA will contribute more than 1/3 of the cost of operating the league.


  • The Calgary Police Association also provides financial support to purchase pucks and jerseys - a cost that would have been passed on to the teams.

  •  Starting in October 2014 teams will play in two divisions of the Scott Buchanan Memorial Hockey League named in honor of two of our brothers.



    Kirk Schmiedge (May 9, 1971 - May 9, 2012) lived life with no regrets and was a dedicated member of the Calgary Police Service. Kirk was extremely active and played many competitive sports. He was involved in the SBMHL for several years and was known to be a reliable and talented goalie.

    Boyd Schlenker (March 18, 1975 - August 16, 2012) was a proud member of the Calgary Police Service and became a fixture in net for several teams in the SBMHL. He had a positive impact on those who knew him. Boyd was an avid outdoorsman and developed strong relationships with friends and colleagues based on these common interests.



The goal of the police hockey league has always been to encourage physical fitness for players of all skill levels while at the same time building camaraderie amongst members of the Calgary Police Service.

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