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Play is governed by the rules as set forward by Hockey Canada except as modified below or explained for clarification.

****NEW for 2019****


A. A minor penalty will be assessed to any player who makes accidental contact with any part of the goalie or their equipment with their stick or any part of the players body or equipment in or outside of the crease.

B. A double minor penalty or a major penalty and a game misconduct, at the descretion of the referee and based on the degree of violence of impact will be assessed to any player who intentionally contacts the goalie with their stick or any part of the players body or equipment in or outside of the crease.

Crease rule:

where an attacking player stands in the goal crease, play shall be stopped and a face-off shall take place in the nearest face-off spot in the Neutral Zone. 


 Payment for league fees will be due in full on DECEMBER 1.  Failure to do so will result in a $250.00 fine added on to the overdue fees.  Failure on full payment will result in being excluded from playoff play.

**** Team Rosters / Players on Multiple Teams ****

December 1st will be the cut-off date for roster changes/additions.  Any player not on a roster by December 1st cannot be used in playoffs.

Teams are only allowed to carry sworn police members or retired police members unless approved by league directors prior to play.  Exception will be the Alert generals who will be allowed to use anyone actively working within the unit.  Failure to comply will result in a default for the game the unsanctioned player was used.  League rulings will be final.

No player shall be used that is not on a roster submitted and received by the league for insurance purposes.


All players need to be registered with ONLY ONE (1) team by the beginning of the hockey season. (insurance purposes) Once the roster is submitted, this is the team that the player is registered on. However, players can choose to play with AS MANY teams as they wish for ONLY the regular season. During playoffs, players can ONLY play for the team they are registered on at the beginning of the regular season. If a player is found to be playing on his or her non-roster team during the playoffs the team will automatically default and lose any points.


Over the years, this subject has been brought up numerous times by several different members. The SBMHL promotes healthy lifestyles and teamwork. Saying this, we encourage players to play as much as they can as we all play this sport for the love of the game. However, it will alleviate the "team stacking" within the playoff tree.

If teams wish to utilize players for the regular season to boost their point totals, they must realize that these players will not be able to play during the playoffs and it may leave them in a higher playoff division.


Abuse of Officials

Abuse of any official will not be tolerated. Should a player challenge the rulings of an official or display unsportsmanlike conduct, he may be assessed a minor for unsportsmanlike conduct, followed by a misconduct or game misconduct if he persists.

A misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who: uses obscene, profane or abusive language or gestures to any person or persists in disputing; shows disrespect for the ruling of any official; intentionally knocks or shoots the puck out of the reach of an official who is retrieving it.

A player who, after receiving a misconduct penalty, persists in any of the actions of above shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty.

A game misconduct penalty assessed incurs an automatic suspension, in which case the penalized player shall be suspended for a minimum of the next regular season or playoff game.

Abuse of official carries a mandatory 1 game suspension and league review. Subsequent infractions will all require league review with a 3 game minimum suspension and maximum lifetime ban. 

3 in the Key


No players shall, in the offensive end, set-up or remain stationary in the area defined by the outer edges of the crease to the first hash marks of the face-off circle, unless the puck is in the said area. This will result in a whistle to stop play and the face-off moved outside the blue line.

Why is there a 3 in the key rule? I have never heard of it in any other league!!!

This rule was implemented and originally called the 3 second rule to prevent and deter players from parking themselves in front of the net - which usually results in actions from an opposing defencemen or the goalie - which often leads to minor and/or major penalties, fighting or ejections from the game. It has proven to be very successful over the years and most of the players have adapted to it.

Initially it was a matter of timing a player in the area for a count of three. The rule has changed over ten years to basically a "set-up" rule. This is where a lot of players are confused - most obviously new ones - who hear it called 'the three second rule'.

No Slapshot Rule

No player shall shoot, attempt to shoot, or fake a shot where the stick is drawn back to a height above the player's knee. This action will result in a whistle to stop play and the subsequent face-off will occur at the referee's discretion.

Why don't we allow slapshots?

The rule and its enforcement are intended to prevent injuries.

Player Poaching Rule


Upon entering the Scott Buchanan Memorial Hockey League from recruit training (regular or accelerated) a player is required to play for the District that he or she is assigned to. A player must play for the assigned district team for one complete season before being allowed to play for another team. If the district where the player is assigned already has a full roster or otherwise chooses to waive that players rights, then he or she may play for the team of their choice.


Over the past few years some have objected to the manner in which recruits have allegedly been approached while still in training and been asked to play for a non-district team.

We hope that players, team captains and managers will remember the spirit of the game when it comes to this rule.

Timing and Final Score


All games will be three 20 minute straight time periods. There are no timeouts.


We only have the ice for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Tie Games


Should there be a tie in the regular season it will remain as such. 


We only have the ice for one hour and fifteen minutes. However in the playoffs we cannot have a tie yet still need to settle the game quickly.

Last Three Minutes


a) During the last three minutes if the score is within two goals all changes will be on the fly.

b) Any obvious tactics to delay the game during the last three minutes will result in an immediate penalty shot and clock will be stopped for the penalty shot. Icing the puck is will not be considered delaying the game. Any other actions such as; freezing the puck by the goalie without reason, shooting the puck over the boards, intentional penalties forcing the ref to call a penalty, changing players on a whistle, failure to line up for face offs, etc., at the discretion of the referees.


This rule is in place to support fairplay and not time wasting by the winning team in order to run down the clock.

Save the Goalie Rule  


Safety and fairness is paramount in our recreational league. If the goaltenders mask is hit by the puck, play will immediately cease. In the event that the puck enters the net, no goal will be awarded.


High Stick

Any player observed playing the puck in a high stick position shall be assessed a minor penalty. A high stick position is defined as ABOVE the height of the crossbar.


The play of the puck at or above the crossbar is dangerous. Far too many injuries have resulted from high sticks and this rule falls in line with many other rec hockey leagues.

Play will not be started if any player is on-ice without AT MINIMUM half visor.  


Each team will change ends at the completion of each period of play, including overtime.

Should the final game go to shootout, the team that scored the first goal within that game decides who will shoot first.

Should a player receive a 5 minute penalty, it will result in 7 minutes of running time.

The following point schedule will be implemented for decisions :

§  Regulation loss           = 0 points

§  Tie                               = 1 point

§  Regulation win            = 3 points
Overtime will only occur in the semi-finals and finals. At the discretion of the league executives, either a 5 minute 4 on 4 OT, or a 5v5 shootout will occur. The decisions made will be based on time slot availability.


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